Single Sign On now available for enhanced efficiency and security within DAVIS

Single Sign On now available for enhanced efficiency and security within DAVIS

02 , Feb 2021 Licence Checking, Grey Fleet, Fleet Management


The latest update to the DAVIS driver and vehicle risk management platform is the introduction of its Single Sign On (SSO) framework which improves efficiency and security for end-users.

Single Sign On (SSO) is an important aspect of a modern, effective security policy. The service gives a company user access to multiple applications and services from a single user login, reducing the need for multiple usernames and passwords for different applications. Simplifying the login makes life easier for employees and promotes better security by reducing the potential for errors.


The benefits of adopting SSO include simplified username and password management, minimisation of password fatigue, improved identity protection and two-factor authentication. As companies expand the number of software applications used for their business processes SSO authentication becomes increasingly attractive for organisations that wish to tighten up security measures by providing a single point of user access management. This means that company administrators are able to manage users far more efficiently by permitting (and preventing) access to multiple applications in a single process.


DAVIS can now offer the benefits of SSO to companies who have implemented this security strategy as an optional extra.


“Single Sign On has become increasingly attractive as the demands for higher-and-higher degrees of security and productivity are placed on modern applications. Some of the greatest challenges of developing a modern application are meeting those security demands and ensuring that these safeguards are not detrimental to usability. SSO brings the best-of-breed levels of authentication to our applications and leaves us free to focus on the application’s core functionality, without compromise. “ James Povah, Senior Developer


 “As DAVIS supports large corporations with thousands of users, it became a pressing requirement that the application should not only offer the security of a modern authentication method but also give customers the productivity benefits SSO provides. We have collaborated extensively with one particular client who operates a large grey fleet, to ensure that this implementation meets the demands of a large corporate user and we are pleased to now offer this as an option within DAVIS.”

Another additional benefit of enabling the new authentication process means that the client will also have the DAVIS platform hosted on a unique sub domain, branded with its own logo and house style to provide a customised interface for a consistent look and feel.


Licence Check General Manager, Terry Hiles, commented: “We are convinced that Single Sign On is a major step forward in the authentication and security process and that it will increasingly become the standard for the industry.”


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